Every time there's a new 911, the next few years are full of an onslaught of new variants and versions. The 992-generation car was released in 2019, and with the release of the GT3 RS and the off-road capable Dakar, we're coming to the point where we'll see a facelift for 2024. That gives Porsche a chance to release every variant, again, but also add a few more variants to the mix, like a new GT2 RS.

Above: The 997-generation GT2 RS.

According to Autocar, a legendary British magazine that thrives on publishing rumors that may or may not be true, a new GT2 RS is on the way for 2026. Typically the final variant before an entirely new generation of 911 is released, the timing makes sense. The big rumor is that this will be a mild hybrid, with batteries behind the seats that will push the 3.8-liter turbocharged flat-six well past 700 hp. Since the last GT2 RS made 690 hp, expect the bump to be substantial.

Acceleration would likely still lag behind the all-wheel-drive Turbo S, and top speed would too since this would probably be based on the GT3 RS and its outrageous high-downforce body. Autocar says that this will not be a plug-in hybrid, but will need to use regen to get power back to battery, much like the 919 and 963 endurance racers.

Of course, a hybrid 911 has been rumored for a long time, so it could make sense for the first deployment of the tech to be in the 911's halo model before it trickles down to the next generation of the car.

When reached for a statement, a Porsche representative told Road & Track that they could not comment on speculation about a future product. So we'll just need to wait a bit to see if this rumor was accurate.

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